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Basic Polish Commands

The Command in English Approximate Pronunciation for the English-speaker The Command in Polish
1) Fall in Zbyorka Zbiorka
2) Attention Batchnoshch Bacznosc
3) At Ease Spotchnee Spocznij
4) Shoulder Arms Na Romyeh Broin Na Ramie Bron
5) Present Arms Prezentoy Broin Prezentuj Bron
6) Eyes Right Na Pravo Potch Na Prawo Patrz
7) Eyes Left Na Levo Potch Na Lewo Patrz
8) Forward March Na Pshoot Marsh Na Przod Marsz
9) Left Face Flevo Zvrot W Lewo Zwrot
10) Right Face Fpravo Zvrot W Prawo Zwrot
11) About Face F-tew Zvrot W Tyl Zwrot
12) Halt Stoy Stoj

The commands are usually given in a binary fashion. Meaning that the first part of the command will be issued, followed by a short pause, then the executive half. For example, in the shoulder arms command, the Sergeant or ranking NCO will call: NA RAMIE, followed by a very brief pause, then upon the command, BRON, the formation will execute the command. To halt a marching formation, the prepatory command, will be "BACZNOSC", to alert the formation. Upon the executive command, "STOJ". the formation will stop.