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"The Eagle Has Nose-Dived"
a film by Chicago's Gangland Studios Inc.

Welcome to the official home page of the film, "The Eagle Has Nose-Dived". We hope that you will enjoy your stay here!
The plot of this brilliant and original film, is truly a stroke of fictional genius. This film follows a group of imitation Polish para's who go on a daring mission during the Second World War:
Their Mission- to sneak into Nazi Germany disguised as German Paras, in order to kidnap Hitler and wisk him away to Great Britian, thereby forcing WW2 to a speedy conclusion! The film follows our intrepid group through their initial pick from the dregs of a military prison. The, oh I guess about a dozen or so, guys are then put through a grueling training regimen which bonds them together into a crack unit who would be later called the "Brudny(the Polish word for "filthy or unclean")Dozen".
In the film, we see them overcome many obstacles and tribulations. A favorite scene of many of the film critics is how the Brudny Dozen reacts and improvises when they suddenly realize that one of their number turns out to be an African-American who speaks only fluent Polish and no German at all. Disguising him as a Polish-American US Army POW, they are eventually able to get to within yards of Hitler himself! In addition to this remarkably original screen-play, the notable special effects are marvelous, and truly trasport the viewer back to Wartime Germany.
The following are some stills from the film. We hope that you will enjoy them!

Here we see our heroes, in their cleverly disuised T-16 Carrier, heading onto the Autobahn. In the film, the Germans never suspected a thing!

In this scene, we meet our main character - Luftporucznik Zbigniewoslaw Szczrzepowicz, in front of his ingeniusly disguised tent!

In this remarkable scene, we see our heroes, posing for a picture just outside the Reichschancellory. Yards away from Hitler, yet no one yet suspects a thing due to their incredible abaility to "blend in"!